David Hockney’s contribution to Aboagora 2013

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David Hockney 5

Also David Hockney send his contribution to Aboagora 2013. His iPad paintings will be analysed in the session “Artistic Machines”. Please remember that online registration for this year’s Aboagora will end 31th May, day after tomorrow.


Aboagoran tiedotustilaisuus 2013

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Tallenne Aboagoran tiedotustilaisuudesta

9. 4. 2013, Mediakeskus Lume, Helsinki

Turun musiikkijuhlien taiteellinen johtaja tenori Topi Lehtipuu ja Aboagoran koordinaattori Asko Nivala esittelevät Aboagoran tämän vuoden ohjelmaa. Video lähetettiin alunperin nettistriiminä tiedotustilaisuudesta.

Ilmoittautuminen tapahtumaan päättyy 31. 5. 2013.

Aboagora 2012 – Inquisition Revisited by Pekka Tolonen, Reima Välimäki and working group

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“By this letter, you are judicially called to appear before the inquisitor, in the place and time mentioned above, to tell pure and plain truth about yourself and others, concerning heresy you are publicly accused of.”

The workshop revisits the medieval inquisition of heretical depravity through the media of drama and fiction, but based on original sources interpreted by researchers of the topic. The office of inquisitor – shrouded by centuries of polemics and myths – may through reinterpretation create surprising connections to the contemporary world.

Pekka Tolonen, MA, is assistant of comparative religion. His academic interests include: new religious movements of the high middle ages; the organisation and actions of the early inquisition; the interplay of religion, sound and music.

Reima Välimäki graduated Master of Arts in General History at the University of Turku in 2011. He is currently writing his doctoral thesis in Cultural History on the control of lay religion in the late fourteenth-century inquisitions against Waldensians in Eastern and Southern Germany. In addition to late medieval history he is interested in medievalism and historiography of the Middle Ages. He has collaborated with the Medieval Market -festival at Turku in order to produce popularizations of medieval history, such as a dramatized disputation between a modern and a medieval doctor, presented during the last year’s festival.

Agora lecture (14 Aug 2013) – Bruce Sterling: Augmented Ubiquity

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BrucesterlingBruce Sterling is a science fiction author from the United States of America. He has published several award-winning novels since the 1970s, including Schismatrix (1985) that is set in the posthuman Shaper/Mechanist universe. This novel anticipated many important themes of the current posthuman and new materialist turn in humanities during the 2010s. In addition to that, Sterling was the editor of the Mirrorshades (1986) anthology that defined the cyberpunk movement in science fiction. He also started the steampunk genre together with William Gibson by publishing The Difference Engine (1990). He is also a notable adademic scholar, working as a Professor at the European Graduate School, teaching in the areas of media and design. His many research projects have crossed the border between science and art in important ways. They include the Dead Media Project, the Viridian Design Movement and Embrace the Decay. The topic of Sterling’s agora lecture will be “Augmented Ubiquity”.

Registration for Aboagora 2013 is now open!

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Online registration for Aboagora 2013 in now open.

The registration fee for the symposium is 45 € (for students and post-graduate students 25 €). It includes:

  • participation for all keynote lectures
  • admission to all workshops
  • three lunches
  • coffee/tea with small snacks during coffee breaks
  • conference reception

You will find the conference registration form in Utushop. Your registration is completed only after the registration fee has been payed there. Registration closes on 31 May 2013.

The programme for Aboagora 2013 – The Human Machine.

Buy tickets for Aboagora concerts.

Preliminary programme for Aboagora 2013

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You will find the preliminary programme for Aboagora 2013 here. Registration will open during this week (no. 19).

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