Keynote speakers for the Aboagora symposium are published!

April 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

The theme for the Aboagora symposium 2015 is “Precious Moments, Extreme Events”. Fifth edition of the multidisciplinary and artistic event will address the themes of time, changes in the society and significant and extreme events in the course of individual’s life and history of the humanity.

As Agorists, the keynote lecturers of the symposium, we have an honour of having cosmologist, physicist and mathematician, professor John D. Barrow from University of Cambridge, London Gresham College (UK), rector and researcher Tiina Rosenberg from the University of the Arts Helsinki (FIN) and author and journalist Umayya Abu-Hanna (ISR/FIN/NL) . The keynote lectures of the symposium are open of public and free of charge. The event also consists of workshops discussing the theme of the year from perspectives of for example quantum physics, religion studies, biology and political history.

The fundamental questions between arts and sciences are represented thoroughly this year with an international project “Floating Platforms”, in collaboration with New Performance Turku Festival, international festival for performance and live art. The aim of the project is to find different ways to approach co-ordinated dialogue between arts and sciences. Six performance artists and six scientists from variety of disciplines around Finland and Europe will work in pairs and discuss a certain theme from their own perspectives and methods. Results of this collaboration will be availabe for the audience during the Aboagora symposium. The artist and scientist working pairs of the project will be published during the spring.

Aboagora is a joint effort by the Department of Cultural History in the University of Turku, Donner institute (Åbo Akademi Foundation), Åbo Akademi University and Turku Music Festival. The annual event brings together the most interesting discussion between arts and sciences. Registration for the Aboagora symposium will start 11th of May. The keynote lectures and Floating Platforms -sections are open for public and free of charge.


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