Aboagora 2015 – DAY TWO, AUGUST 12th

November 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

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Our home is here, far in a star that gleams.

The longing to belong is often long.

A home is beauty ‒ find it in a song,

depict your past and future life in dreams!

We feel at home in nature, social teams,

until a revolution strikes the gong.

We claim a home in fury, like King-Kong.

Alas, it is not always what it seems.

For even Finnish saunas feel as frost,

if we can find no roots, if we have lost

our childhood land. We always start from there.

Identity is multiple. We always

find new connections, born in foreign hallways,

learn to remember. Home is everywhere.

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Idéer föds ur ett historiskt brus.
Förtrycks ett folk, får en del lida mer,
är mänskors jämlikhet blott perifer,
kan vrede drabba månget adelshus.

Revolution kan krossa gott till grus,
vill bygga nytt – men terror river ner,
så olikt den planet i skyn vi ser
som lydigt återkastar solens ljus!

Den återvänder till sin gamla plats.
I spetsen för en stat har dygden satts
av jakobinen i demokratin.

Om lagar tämjt regering och armé,
är drömmen om kontroll ej helt passé,
men den kan hotas av en giljotin.

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What is a Feynman diagram of love?

Two particles collide in space and scatter,

The past is down, the future lies above.

The former is symmetric to the latter.

A boson is exchanged ‒ a flying dove ‒

and higher energies can make it fatter.

It’s hardly thrown in anger like a glove.

Reversing time make things to antimatter.

Is God described by Higgs as just a hatter

assigning masses in the emptiness,

when particles are wiggling in a ring?

Or is he rather someone playing chess,

following rules, combining everything,

like particles in love, which never splatter?


Both energy and matter can be dark,

but when we study radiation ‒ light ‒

some matter is detectable by sight,

like sails in sunset show us Cutty Sark.

Hus Lindman offers a delicious bite:

We mix ingredients  ‒ five make a punch ‒

and eat the different mixtures hot for lunch.

If scientists’ predictions could be right,

the angels sing in heaven, while the lark

is seen on earth ‒ each time we make a mark!

When particles are studied in a bunch,

dark energy and matter have a fight,

expanding everything. Eternal night

will be the grim result ‒ no final crunch?

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