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20130805-150249.jpgThe Baltic sea. One of the world’s largest semi-enclosed seas, with its very low salinity and quasi-isolation from big oceans cannot make up its mind between being a sea or a big lake. This geologically unique environment supports an even more surprising and delicate marine ecosystem, where a complex community of fishes, marine mammals and important microscopic organisms creates a magical mosaic of life. Humans have enjoyed the wealth of life of Baltic Sea for thousands of years, and major Scandinavian and Baltic cities have deliberately faced this geo-ecosystem to develop and seek ecological, economical and cultural inspiration and wealth.

“Mosaic of Life” workshop aims at examining the meaning of the Baltic Sea beyond the obvious, by gathering of young creative minds with different backgrounds, from arts and economy, to geology and life sciences. Our goal is to be inspired with the connections, differences and unifying concepts and create novel interdisciplinary projects which would look further than the sea – further than the eye can see and further into the future.

This exceptional course provided by Aboagora – Between Arts and Sciences project follows innovative workshop methods developed by the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), Paris. It consists of one-week long interdisciplinary workshop at The Archipelago Research Institute on the island of Seili in Archipelago Sea. Seili (Själö) is very beautiful and relatively isolated island that has interesting history as a former leper and mental hospital. During the workshop, the students will learn how to think creatively, share ideas and create novel scientific questions under the supervision of two researchers from CRI. The role of arts and artistic expression in science communication will also be addressed. The outcome of the course will be a proposal for an interdisciplinary research project. The ideas developed in the workshop will be presented in Aboagora symposium next week.

Schedule: 5th – 9th August 2013 and presentation at 15th August at Sibelius Museum, Turku

Teachers: Tamara Milosevic, PhD; Alice Della Penna, MA / Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire (CRI), Paris


Detailed workshop description

“Mosaic of Life” workshop will start with team building activities, where the participants learn about each other, and their different perspectives (0.5 day). The workshop continues with creativity activities (2 days) where the participants learn how to recognize opportunities for creativity, how to reframe problems and challenge assumptions. The participants will be introduced to techniques of brainstorming, more precisely, brainstorming questions (as opposed to idea brainstorming) and other forms of lateral thinking, as a basis for starting interesting projects. Emphasis will be placed on explaining the importance of creative teams and managing creative projects.

Finally, after 2.5 days of training, the participants will be asked to form interdisciplinary groups, where they will themselves try to maximize the diversity of cultural and educational backgrounds, as well as skills.

The following 2.5 days are dedicated to project work – requirement is that the project should be related to the Baltic sea, and it should involve a combination of at least two disciplines/approaches.

During the project development part, mediators will spend some time with each group to guide them through the process and help with potential difficulties. Each morning we would start a day with a short 10 min presentation of the progress towards the completion of the project. First progress report should be an explanation of the question the group would like to tackle. The second progress report would present the answer to the question, in other words, the initial idea of the innovative project. Final progress report is the evening of the last day – the presentation of the project aimed at general audience + a 2 page proposal/description of the project.


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